Vulcan SCREW-LOCK Steel Carabiner

Vulcan SCREW-LOCK Steel Carabiner


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High-strength steel locking carabiner

The high-strength VULCAN carabiners are designed for rescue professionals. With a large-capacity opening and high strength, these carabiners are ideal for setting multiple anchors where conditions are difficult and weight is not an issue. These carabiners are available in the TRIACT-LOCK version for frequent manipulation and the SCREW-LOCK version for occasional use. They each have the Keylock system to facilitate maneuvers. The SCREW-LOCK version is equipped with a visual locking indicator.

Selling Points

  • For use with heavy loads
  • Large size allows easier connection of multiple elements • Wide opening for connection to thick anchors 
  • Very high quality steel for difficult conditions 
  • Keylock system prevents unexpected snagging of the carabiner during maneuvers
  • Red indicator provides a visual warning when the carabiner is unlocked (on SCREW-LOCK version) 
  • Two locking systems available:
    • TRIACT-LOCK automatic locking for frequent manipulations
    • manual SCREW-LOCK for occasional manipulations or for difficult environments (mud, ice) where foreign bodies could jam an automatic locking system