Groundie by Jeff Jepson

Groundie by Jeff Jepson

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Groundie is the latest book by well known arborist and author, Jeff Jepson. Part training manual, employee handbook, and even travel guide, the book walks the reader—step-by step—through a typical day of the arboricultural ground worker.  All the skills necessary to becoming a successful ground worker are covered in detail, from the shop, to the job site.

This is the perfect book for forestry and arboricultural students and tree workers in the early stages of their careers. It will also be useful for employers to give to their newly hired ground workers as required reading.  Like Jeff’s other books it is extensively illustrated and easy to read.

Inside you will learn detailed information on:

  • Operating and maintaining chain saws
  • Driving techniques to get you safely to the job site
  • Identifying job hazards and obstacles
  • Installing climbing and rigging lines in the tree
  • Helping the climber by “running the ropes” and managing the work area
  • Felling, limbing and bucking up trees
  • Operating a wood chipper
  • Cleaning up a job site.