Good Rigging Control System (GRCS), Arborist Version

Good Rigging Control System (GRCS), Arborist Version


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The Good Rigging Control System is the ultimate tool for lowering heavy loads in a safe and controlled fashion. Developed by Greg Good, the GRCS has two settings. It provides a 44:1 and a 22:1 mechanical advantage and two specialized spools. One is for lowering and one is for lifting. It has a dead lift rating of 3,000 lb and a working load limit (WLL) of 2,000 lb.

In 2012, the GRCS was updated with an improved winch: the Harken 46 Arborist. It has a taller drum, allowing for a full five wraps with a 3/4" lowering line. The self-tailer has been changed to accommodate the larger diameter ropes used in our industry. The new version was found to be just as tough and that it provides even more pulling power!

In addition to the complete unit, a variety of replacement parts are also available. If you are an arborist, forester, or just someone who needs to lower heavy loads, this is the tool for you.

Includes the following components: tree mount assembly, 36” tensioning bar, arborist winch, winch handle and aluminum bollard.