About Charly's

Charly Pottorff has always like being around trees. As a boy in Hagerstown, MD he was always in the woods behind his house. He climbed them, chopped them down, and even rode them down while someone else cut them down.

Fast forward to 1968 when he went to college at KSU. While in college he and his friend Ron Yankowski started doing tree work and selling firewood to have some extra money.

After getting a degree in Physical Education, Charly pursued his love for the trees and started Wildcat Tree Service in the Manhattan, KS area. Ron went on to play Pro Football for the St. Louis Cardinals for 10yrs.

As an aside of the tree work Charly started buying and selling gear used in the arborist industry. Now Charly’s International sells quality products to all parts of the USA, concentrating on arborist equipment but not limited to that area.

Charly also sells workout ropes and tactical weapons. Charly is a strong believer in physical strength and is ready and able to teach and train all.

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